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Spongelle's patented buffers are infused with body wash formulated with moisturizers, exotic fragrances, and cleansers to soften and cleanse your skin gently. 


Please email with any questions or for more information regarding the June Jacobs Skin Care Line.

poppy spongelle

Flower Child - Poppy $12.50 

Beach grass spongelle

Spongette - Beach Grass $9.50

daisy spongelle

Flower Child - Daisy  $12.50

tulip spongelle

Flower Child - Tulip $12.50

coconut verbena spongelle
lavender spongelle

Wild Flower - Coconut Verbena  $13.50 

Wild Flower - French Lavender $13.50 

Bulgaria rose spongelle

Spongette - Bulgarian Rose $9.50 

Coconut verbena spongelle

Spongette - Coconut Verbena $9.50

Fresia pear spongelle

Spongette - Freesia Pear $9.50 

Yuzu Spongelle

Spongette - Papaya Yuzu $9.50

roses spongelle

Wild Flower - Bulgarian Rose $13.50 

Sugar Dhalia spongelle

Wild Flower - Sugar Dahlia  $9.50 

Papaya Spongelle

Wild Flower - Papaya Yuzu $13.50 

honey blossom spongelle

Wild Flower - Honey Blossom $13.50 

Freesia Pear Spongelle

Wild Flower - Freesia Pear $13.50 

ducky spongelle

Sponge Animals - Duck  $12.50 

fish spongelle

Sponge Animals - Fish $12.50 

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