Relax with Our

Healing Hands

Savannah Day Spa massage therapists use invigorating therapies that embrace the most effective eastern and western massage techniques including Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, and aromatherapy. Our healing hands and aromatic oils loosen tight muscles, soothe your senses, improve circulation, nurture your spirit, and create a sense of well-being.


Due to limited availability and to avoid online scheduling errors for multiple services, please call us to schedule couples treatments and/or packages. 

Woman is laying on her face on her hands as a massage therapist works on her shoulders.

Signature Services

Tension Tamer $50

​Give us thirty minutes to knead the knots. We will concentrate on your head, neck and shoulders, or customize a massage to target your trouble-spots.  30 minutes.

Therapeutic Massage $85 - $120

Using a light to medium pressure and Swedish techniques, this service provides you with deep relaxation, increased circulation and flexibility. Our signature massage relaxes tense muscles, detoxifies the body, and rejuvenates the mind. 60 or 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage $90 - $130

​The combination of aromatic essences with our therapeutic massage is a marriage made in heaven. Both are a function of natural healing, restoring balance to the body and mind, and bringing about a sense of well-being. 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage $95 - $130

This technique relieves the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep compression of contracted areas. It penetrates deep into the tissues to loosen toxins, increase circulation, and creates deep relaxation of the body and mind. 60 or 90 minutes available. 

Prenatal Massage $95 - $125

Your body has become totally new to you with changes each day that you never could have anticipated.  Now, more than ever, you must have therapists that understand this physical journey you are experiencing. Our specially trained therapists work to relieve pain associated with backaches, leg cramps, edema, headaches, and sciatica. Benefits include reduced swelling and an overall feeling of relaxation. Must be out of the first trimester. Please call for any questions prior to booking. 60 minutes or 90 minutes. 

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lower half of womans face visable, she is recieving a back massage.

Day Spa Specialties

Custom Massage $100

Our 60 minute custom massage incorporates Swedish, Deep tissue, stretching and Aromatherapy 

Day Spa Reflexology $80

Improves circulation, relieves stress and may target specific ailments by using reflex points on the hands and feet to mirror the body's health. 45 minutes. 

Rolling Stones Massage $110

(Seasonal - During Winter Months Only)

This Tibetan massage is a unique combination of full body oil massage and acupressure. Our expert technicians will restore your sense of well-being with customized combinations of deep tissue, acupressure, Japanese hot stone, Swedish, and aromatherapy massage techniques to provide deep, penetrating heat and complete relaxation. Due to the popularity of our stone therapy, advance booking is advised. 75  minutes.

Ultimate Massage $115

​Unwind and let the jets of our hydrotherapy tub prepare your body for a massage you won't forget. The rhythmic motion of our aqua-table combined with a specialized therapeutic massage is the ultimate spa luxury. 80 minutes.

Lomi Lomi Massage $125

​Let this Hawaiian family traditional massage move you!  This massage can be at a fast or slow pace, depending upon your preference. It is a spiritual, healing, rhythmic massage focused on movements toward the heart. Great for your circulation and release of lymphatic fluid. Uses stretching and rocking techniques focusing on the legs and glutes. As a special treat, the therapy concludes with a sea salt foot scrub. 75  minutes.

Thai Stretch $135

Fully clothed, this technique uses a rhythmic motion to perform invigorating stretches to the muscles and joints. Compression and friction are used to penetrate the body's energy lines to reach a state of pure serenity and deep relaxation. 75 minutes. 

Massage and Facial Combination $160

​In a hurry? Four hands are better than two!   We will massage you from head to toe, and finish with a glowing facial. Discover the luxury, pampering and effective time management of two therapists at once. 75 mins.

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AromaTouch Therapy (Add on) $45

The Doterra Aromatouch Technique is a simple and powerful essential oil experience for everyone. The aromatic properties of essential oils combined with the application technique brings the body to true balance. You can benefit from this service as a 20 minute add on to massage and body treatments. 

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