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A Fresh

New Look

Your face is your most important feature. It reveals so much about you. Your face deserves the most professional hands to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. We utilize the best skincare products whose base properties have been proven curative for centuries.


If you are unsure of the type of facial you need, relax by booking a Signature Facial. Savannah Day Spa can accommodate a customized treatment, whether you are concerned with acne, blemishes, hydration or sun exposure.

*Times are approximate and may vary depending upon skin profile needs. 


We are proud to use only top-quality skin care lines including Rubos and June Jacobs.

Woman laying down with eyes closed relaxes with gel neck mask on
Woman relaxing with gel under eye masks on

Signature Services

Express Facial $65 / 30 min or less

For those on the go! A quick pick-me-up that combines cleansing and exfoliation to leave your skin visibly nourished and luminous.

Signature Facial $100 / 45 min- 1 hour 

Our Signature Facial is a relaxing and hydrating facial for all skin types. We will nourish and replenish your skin's moisture levels. Your skin will be soothed, calmed, and its elasticity will be greatly enhanced. The facial includes cleansing, steaming and exfoliation followed by a special nourishing mask that leaves your skin visibly refreshed and radiant.  

Sport's Facial (Men Only) $100 / 1 hour 

An invigorating and deep exfoliating men's facial.  Designed to hydrate and energize the skin while reducing ingrown hairs and soothing razor burn. This facial includes head, neck, and shoulder massage.

Renewal Facial $102 / 45 min. 

This vitamin C facial helps to brighten, tighten, and hydrate your skin. Vitamin C is also known to help reduce fine lines and to even out skin tone, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. 

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $150+ / 75+ min.

This facial is geared towards problematic skin. We will choose the best course to lessen your issues by extracting the congestion and reducing the sebum. This is a  pore-purifying treatment.  This facial includes double cleansing, steaming, extractions, and pH balancing of the skin.

*Time is based upon individual needs. 

Calm & Repair $190/80 min. 

 A calming & relaxing facial to aid in 

the rejuvenation of tired & dull skin, due to damaged cells from age, sun exposure,  and environmental factors. This procedure rejuvenates sun-damaged skin, resulting in a reduction of fine lines, dull skin, & muscle tension in the face.  sidenote_ this facial has a lot of massage and lymphatic drainage 

Day Spa Specialties

The Celestrial Fitness Facial $235 / 2+ hours

This incredible facial begins by decongesting the lymph nodes. This technique is used to promote a cleansing effect before the facials workout. Every muscle needs a tune-up including the muscles in the face. The use of RF, LED and manual exercise helps to penetrate the epidermis with vitamin C, antioxidants, and other anti-aging properties that will leave the skin glowing. This facial is unlike any facial you have ever had. You are sure to leave exfoliated, hydrated, bright, and tight.

Decongesting Facial $200 / 90 min.

This facial is geared towards continual problematic skin. Skin can become dull and congested when too much salt, sugar, or glutens are ingested. The excess of dead skin cells and the lack of H2O can cause the skin to be reactive. This facial will focus on clarifying and helping decongest your skin.  *Extractions are heavily used in this facial.

Dermaplane Facial $120 / 90 min. 

Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin with the use of a scalpel.  There is no downtime and a perfect way for the skin to absorb serums and products more efficiently. 

Hydra-Facial $200 /1 hour

As seen on The Doctors, this facial shows immediate results in hydration, minimized pores, increased elasticity, and reduction of fine lines.  This treatment is soothing, refreshing, and non-irritating. A wide array of clinically developed skin solution vials can be prescribed in your Hydra-Facial treatment. Add on boosters start at $50

Anti-Aging Facial $210  / 75 min. 

An extraordinary facial that is formulated to create beautifully radiant and younger-looking skin by tightening the skin and creating firmness in the neck. Collagen Crystal Masks contain collagen, amino acids, and natural plant essences to help firm, tone, moisturize, and hydrate, especially in the sensitive under-eye area. Reduces puffiness and dark circles. We will finish your facial with LED or high frequency

Custom Facial $175 / 90 min. 

This facial is designed for customization.  Our exclusive fruit enzyme rapidly exfoliates, tones down sun damage reduces sebaceous oil, and evens out your skin tone. Our array of serums and hydration will nourish your skin and stimulate collagen. Sure to leave with healthier, and hydrated glowing skin. 

Facial Add-Ons
Chemical peel $65
LED                     $70
Extractions      $25
RF                       $80


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